Written by experienced author Philippe Molodzoff of corel draw x6 portable indowebster France.
The ittf (International Table Tennis Federation) Advanced Coaching Manual is a comprehensive table tennis instruction and coaching guide which is quickly becoming a "must have" for new and experienced coaches alike.
Whereas the Level 1 Manual covers all the basics of the sport, the Advanced Coaching Manual goes to the next stage, covering in detail: Education Principles, Table Tennis Techniques, Strategies and Tactics, Physiology, Psychology, Coaching organization and planning, and History.
Includes color photos and illustrations.Coaches must meet all the requirements of the ittf Level 1 Course (previously published book) as a prerequisite before advancing to Level 2 and.The roll of the parent.It is the logical continuation of the ittf Coaching Series which began with the previously published ittf Level 1 Manual.What is new today.Technique only Half-way there up, coaches.
Girls and women development.
The rationale of training.The main theme individual focus.Mental training, introduction in the early years.The future of table tennis.Whether you are a coach, or a player looking to improve your understanding of the game, you will appreciate this in-depth instructional book!The ittf Advanced Coaching Manual is used by ittf-Approved Course Conductors for teaching coaches.He draws on his many years of experience in the French system while analyzing the world's best practices in both table tennis and the sports sciences.This book includes the content from the ittf Level 2 and ittf Level 3 Coaching Courses.Measures.3" x 9".Performance development, player, team and club.Characteristics of the top player.Manual the ittf s two coaching manuals, or any of a number of books and.Should also have intermediate and advanced training for ongoing.