Steve leads both underwater filming expeditions and African safaris with upcoming filming excursions to Kenya, Bali Komodo, the Philippines, and the Red Sea.
The new indicator allows you to check the brightness of an object and easily adjust exposure by viewing this graphical presentation.
I made a good choice as both of these DVD discs will cut the confusion of manipulating menus, clarifying controls and learning how to use the new tools you now have at your disposal.That was my first mistake, what a confusing piece of mumbo jumbo.Apple, the Apple logo, Final Cut Pro, Macintosh and Power Mac are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple.Vortex Media "How to shoot like a Pro with the Sony HDR-HC1 Camcorder".I much prefer to learn by either just doing it or experimenting or simply by someone going through the paces with.Tele macro function, the new function enables to take "macro" picture for a specific object even from a distance.In fact, if you were the new owner of any of these cams, you'd be crazy not to get these.Check the Audio Settings on the camera.Use the arrow keys to adjust the dB level until the proper volume is achieved.No Sound * Make sure both the transmitter and receiver are turned on and properly connected.Instructions on assign buttons, drop-frame vs non-drop frame, and AllScan is all there.
With the Enhanced Imaging Processor (EIP) which is the new signal processing circuit for cmos sensor, it provides a number of benefits such as, - Wide dynamic range - Smear-less - High sensitivity Low noise - High-speed read-out - Low power consumption, carl Zeiss lens.
With the filter diameter of 37mm, its fully coated glass is the same as used on Carl Zeiss prime lenses, producing sharp, high-contrast images, with virtually no chromatic aberration.
Simultaneous operation of LCD panel viewfinder.Bottom line is that both of the Vortex Media tutorial DVDs are finely written and excellently produced.Question: What doesn't it cover?It is broken up into 12 different chapters covering everything from a basic overview and layout of the camcorder to the multi-layered menus and customizing your own personal menu.A different narrator retains the same friendly ambience of the tutorials, once again, clear and precise.Steve Douglas, is an underwater videographer and contributor to numerous film festivals around the world.Note: In most instances, the Transmitter should be set to -00dB and the Receiver set.Supports professional operation with flexible time code and user bit settings.For this reason, the HVR-A1E allows you to choose either a colour or black white display on the viewfinder depending on your preference.Not only does Hands On HDV for the Sony HDR-HC1 explain it all but provides a fine demonstration that dissipates any cloudiness caused by the Sony manual.