seiu steward manual grievance arbitration

The university shall suffer no overtime obligation as a result of this Article.
In the event that Arbitrator Stiteler elects to no longer participate in the panel rotation, the usses Director of Labor Relations, or his/her successor, shall submit the names of three Oregon/Washington-based arbitrators to the Union and the Union shall choose one to serve as his.
Filed for purposes of all grievances shall mean postmarked (dated by meter.S.
The arbitrator shall not make any decision that limits or interferes with the authority of the Employer, except as modified by this Agreement.If this is a grievance patch fr photoshop cs involving discipline of individual workers, don't forget to show them what you've written and explain what you' re doing.This sentence includes the grievant's name or names and indicates where and when the incident occurred.The arbitrator shall have the authority to hear and rule on all issues that arise over substantive or procedural arbitrability.A grievant and the Steward of record shall be granted leave with pay for appearance in arbitration proceedings, including the time required going and returning to his/her headquarters.Time limits specified in this and the above-referenced homelite super 2 chainsaw manual pdf Articles shall be strictly observed, unless either party requests a specific extension of time, which if agreed to, must be stipulated in writing and shall become part of the grievance record.The parties agree that the following arbitrators will serve on a rotating basis, based on the filing date of the arbitration: Richard.Such meetings shall take place during regular working hours. .When the response at Step 1 does not resolve the grievance, the grievance must be filed by the Union within thirty (30) calendar days after the Step 1 response is due or received, whichever occurs first.
Such written agreements shall become part of the grievance file.The employees in each university shall be allowed not more than the following: Oregon State University Five (5) Union Stewards University of Oregon Three (3) Union Stewards Portland State University Three (3) Union Stewards Western Oregon University Two (2) Union Stewards Oregon Institute.Note: See Article 43 - Leaves With Pay, Section.A committee of the Union Stewards for each university as listed below shall be appointed by the Union to act as a grievance committee.The grievant(s or the Union on behalf of the grievant(s), shall file the grievance consistent with the requirements of Section 1 with his/her immediate excluded supervisor, except in the case of grievances described in paragraph B of this Section.The arbitrator shall issue his/her decision or award within thirty calendar days of the closing of the hearing record.Article 19, no Discrimination and, article 53 - Reclassification Upward/Downward shall be subject to the alternative procedures specifically outlined in their respective Articles.The parties agree that all Step 1 grievance settlements are non-precedential and shall not be cited by either party or their agents or members in any arbitration or fact-finding proceedings now or in the future.Main Phone: (617)376-0220, main Fax: (617)984-5695, union Local Tax Issues Federal law now requires that every local union file an annual information returnForm 990, 990-EZ, or 990-Nwith the IRS.If it's a broad policy change, you can ask that management "rescind this change and restore former conditions" or "cease and desist this practice.".