Flat panel TV Diagram of Internal Parts and Circuit Boards.
Philips PM335 Manual PDF remote manual.Covers the sky tv guide uk following models: JR300, JR400, JR500, JR800.Jensen: Update: Apparently Jensen/Recoton has gone into bankruptcy, and the video accessories division has been purchased by Thomson Electronics who is in the process of reorganizing.LCD TV Repair Tutorial, lCD TV Parts Overview, Common Symptoms Solutions How to Fix LCD TVs.RM-V12 Setup Extra instructions for the RM-V12 using codes from the RM-V8.DST-400 PDF instruction manual with codes.May also work with the 3 Plus.One For All URC 2060 submitted code for Emerson TV: 178 Panasonic: Panasonic Online Operating Instructions (25) Instructions for televisions, VCRs, etc.Push the Menu/Input button on your remote.Philmore PM-RC8 PDF instruction manual for the PM-RC8 remote.
You can try contacting Thompson Electornics or their subsidiary company RCA for information.
Philips-Magnavox REM 250 (50) PDF manual.
Various Remotes (31) Models Listed: itza 2, itza 2000, 2-in-One Universal, 3-in-One Pocket, 4-in-One, 4-in-One Light Up, 4-in-One Smart Light Up, 6-in-One Smart Audio, 7-in-One IR/RF, 8-in-One Touchscreen.In addition, the Big Button has large, soft buttons that illuminate bright red when they are pressed.RM-V301 and RM-V401 RM-V301 PDF instruction manual.Looking for more channels?Once programmed, the Big Button functions just like your original remote control.Models Listed: SC-310, SC-315, SC-320, SC-330, SC-340 ReplayTV Samsung Sanyo Scientific Atlanta: Sharp Remote for VC-H982 VCR (Also reported to work with the VC-H952, VC-A582,VC-H965, VC-H812 and VC-H818) Sole Control: See Recoton Sony: General Codes and Instructions (23) General instructions and codes for Sony remotes.LED TV Repair Tutorial, common Symptoms Solutions How to Repair LED TVs.Or feel free to ask us a question concerning TV repair below.TV Repair and Replacement Parts Circuit Boards Power Supply Boards.Sole Control Remotes (4) Note that Jensen is a division of Recoton, and some Jensen remotes are listed on this site, too.Dish Network, emerson, gemini, hughes, direcTV best software convert pdf to word Receivers (7 models: hdvr-2, HAH-SA, HBH-SA, hird-B1, hird-B2/B3/B4/C2, gaeb0-gceb0, gaeb0A-gceb0A, gxcebot, hird-D01/D11, hird-D2, hird-D25, hird-D45, hird-E1/E2, hird-E4, hird-E6, hird-E86, HTL-HD, SD DVR40, SD-HBH.Models: GRD33G2A and GRD33G3A.Rescan your TV lineup today and unlock new channels.Philips-Magnavox PM525S PDF Manual.Org * For Sole Control remotes, please try the Jensen links, they may also work.

Hird-E61, hird-E86, hdvr-2, gaeb0-gceb0, gxcebot inVoca: inVoca - PDF manual for the inVoca voice-activated remote.
Sole Control SC-440 Auto Search Instructions submitted for using the auto-search feature of the remote.
OR to discover what the problem is within your Television.