Connecting the Device Object.
Depending on your application, you might want to pass an array of instrument objects to a function.For example, all the properties and their current values for the gpib object g are shown below.This information includes the manufacturer of the instrument, the model number of the instrument and the type of the instrument.Additionally, if a property has a finite set of string values, then set also returns these values.Vii 4 viii Contents Controlling Instruments Using gpib gpib Overview.To remove instrument objects and other variables from the matlab workspace, use the clear command.Common Commands, accessed with Device Object's, example Instrument Command.Creating a Serial Port Object.To open the Test Measurement Tool, type: tmtool Hardware Expand the Hardware node in the tree to list the supported interfaces.The file will be sent to your Kindle account.
1-31 1 Getting Started Interface and Property Help In this section.
Providing a Name and Description.
How Does a matlab Instrument Driver Work?You can return property values using the get function or the dot notation.Instrhwinfo ivi MainScope ans DriverSession: 'TekScope.You can define connect code to ensure that the instrument is properly configured to support the device object's properties and functions.Pages: 1178, file: PDF,.51 MB, the file will be sent to selected email address.A-5 A-5 A-5 Bibliography 1 Getting Started Instrument Control Toolbox Product Description on page 1-2 Instrument Control Toolbox Overview on page 1-3 About Instrument Control on page 1-6 Installation Information on page 1-10 Supported Hardware on page 1-12 Examining Your Hardware Resources on page 1-14.Serial Create a serial port object.The serial port, TCP/IP, and UDP interfaces do not require an adaptor.Controlling Instruments Using Bluetooth Bluetooth Interface Overview.Working with VXI and PXI Interfaces.You can restore cleared instrument objects to the matlab workspace with the instrfind function.For example, to display information for the National Instruments gpib adaptor, ghwinfo instrhwinfo gpib ni ghwinfo AdaptorDllName: AdaptorDllVersion: AdaptorName: InstalledBoardIds: ObjectConstructorName: VendorDllName: VendorDriverDescription: 1x82 char 'Version.0 (R14 'NI' 0 'gpib ni 0, 2 'gpib-32.dll' 'NI-488' The ObjectConstructorName field provides the syntax for creating.

Matlab Functions To perform any task within your instrument control application, you must call matlab functions from the matlab workspace.
You can automate tests, verify hardware designs, and build test systems based on LXI, PXI, and AXIe standards.
21-2 Opening the Instrument Control Block Library.