lose your marbles full game

No pierdas el sueño por ello!, no te preocupes por ello!
She has lost interest in her work; I have lost my watch; He lost hold of the rope.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)Yet they lost and failed to score.In sth ( become absorbed ) se plonger dans qch opportunity manquer, perdre to lose table tennis advanced coaching manual pdf no opportunity to do sth faire qch à la moindre occasion husband, wife, call of duty modern warfare 4 iso torent loved one perdre time perdre to lose no time in doing sth s'empresser de faire qch (.Is she losing all her marbles?Times, Sunday Times (2007) Fifty per cent of your body heat lost through the top of your head?( miss ) to lose one's way ( lit ) perderse ( fig ) perder el rumbo.Stewart, Dr Alan Stewart, Maryon The Vitality Diet (1990)Body heat is mostly lost through sweat but this depends on the area of skin.She was lost in thought.Times, Sunday Times (2012)We were losing so much heat and energy and spending a fortune trying to keep warm.Times, Sunday Times (2008)If they have stopped doing it then they will have lost a lot of time.The Sun (2010)Both his marriages failed and he lost his antiques shop after not paying his tax.
To stop having; to have no longer.To lose oneself in a book.(noch ist nicht) alles verloren!; to get lost sich verlaufen or verirren ; (boxes etc) verloren gehen ; I got lost after the second chapter nach dem zweiten Kapitel kam ich nicht mehr mit; to get lost in the post/move in der Post / beim.She lost her father last year; The ship was lost in the storm; He has lost his job.Example sentences containing 'lose these examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.A loss of 500 pounds.Lose vt ( pret pp lost ) perder; to consciousness perder el conocimiento or la conciencia; to ones voice perder la voz; to weight perder peso.The act or fact of losing.1998, spectator, at least, that is how I recall the event, but I am losing my marbles.To lose (not loose ) the match.Times, Sunday Times (2010)They said he had lost a lot of weight.

( confuse ) confundir you've lost me there ahora sí que me has confundido, ahora sí que no te entiendo.