lenovo ideapad p500 service manual

Such devices are also sold separately as options.
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IdeaPad Z500/P500 Hardware Maintenance Manual Always look carefully for possible hazards in your work area.
IdeaPad Z500/P500 Hardware Maintenance Manual Important service information This chapter presents the following important service information: Strategy for replacing FRUs on page 16 Strategy for replacing a hard disk drive on page 17 Important notice for replacing a system board on page 17 Important information.Protect against ESD damage by equalizing the charge so that the machine, the part, the work mat, and the person handling the part are all at the same charge.IdeaPad Z500/P500 Hardware Maintenance Manual Laser compliance statement Some models of Lenovo IdeaPad computer are equipped from the factory with an optical storage device such as a CD-ROM drive or a DVD-ROM drive.Aus Sicherheitsgründen die Kunststoffabdeckung, die den unteren Teil der Spannungswandlerplatine umgibt, nicht entfernen.Safety information Safety inspection guide The purpose of this inspection guide is to assist you in identifying potential unsafe conditions.We keep our list of direct Lenovo IdeaPad P500 driver and firmware links up-to-date so they are easy to find when you need them.Do not service the following parts with the power on when they are removed.ESD damage can occur when there is a difference in charge between objects.