It would be interesting to measure these gains before the correction.
I recommend voltage measurements before and after the correction.
Built-in keyer and auto AT IF-DSP.
I suggest you to revise the famous TS-940S receiving performance to be even better, of course!AM(LO:100/HI:3000 Hz).0 kHz or more (-6 dB) 12 kHz or less (-50 dB).A, impedance: 50 ohms, SO-239, dimensions (W*H*D Without projection:.11x6.50x15.75 inches (460x265x400 mm).The picture above was scanned from the TS-940S Service Manual, Revised Edition.Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW/FSK/PSK, rF Power output: 5-200 W, sensitivity: SSB, CW,FSK, PSK (S/N 10 dB).5 uV (0.13.522 MHz) 4 uV (0.522.705 MHz).2 uV (1.705.5 MHz).13 uV (24.5 30 MHz).13 uV (50 54 MHz aM (S/N 10 dB).3.With the FETs on the right position, we would have.5 dB (17 -.5) gain in the RF Preamp, and 17 dB (44 - 27) in the 2nd balanced mixer at the indicated points in the picture above.Who knows that the 2SK125 can be swapped?FM (12 dB sinad).22 uV (28 30 MHz).22 uV (50 54 MHz selectivity: SSB(LO:200/HI:2800 Hz).4 kHz or more (-6 dB).4 kHz or less (-60 dB).RS-232, USB and LAN ports.By eliminating these "losses castle ville cheat engine rar megaupload my famous TS-940S "won" 10 dB more!Image rejection: 70 dB or less, voltage: AC 120 V (60 Hz current drain: RX?
It was also wrong in the PC board view pictures in the Service Manual.
I also noticed that a FET was hotter than the other.
The 2SK125 is discontinued since 1996.See the FETs Q10 (RF PreampRF Preamp 2SK125, N-FET, 25V,.1A,.3W) and.With this measurement we would have an idea about the sensitivity losses due to the two errors.This is the 1st TS-940S that I could observe and analyse in detail its circuits.It was as simple as desoldered and turn the FET 180 and resolder it all over again.My radio was working apparently well.Check yourself with instruments, it can be probably more than 10 dB of gain and a better AGC performance.Two errors that I found, both also showed in the Service Manual, Revised Edition.Some corrections that may significantly improve the already very famous TS-940S receiving performance.

Dedicated to the Detailists, are you a TS-940S Rx lover?
See the Level Diagram in the Service Manual.