is dope crack or weed

Amped queer - to be high on coke or crystal.
Blotter Acid: LSD, blotters: LSD, blow: cocaine, bluebirds: barbiturates.
Addictive drugs The difference between use and abuse Who use drugs/narcotics and why?Synthetic cocaine - PCP Synthetic THT - PCP T - acid tabs T - cocaine; marijuana Tabs - LSD Tail lights - LSD Taima - marijuana Taking a cruise - PCP Takkouri - marijuana Tampon - a fat joint Tango Cash - fentanyl Tar.This dopefiend rolled up sucked my dick, gave.A Bean - mdma, abe - 5 worth of drugs.How addictive are different drugs/narcotics?Adam: MDA, MDE, mdma, mmda, alley juice: nonbeverage isopropyl and methyl alcohol.Answer: More about alcoholism and drug addiction.By 'sup P, november 23, 2004 dopefiend drugs, someone addicted to hard drugs (crack, heroin, etc) that fiends for them so badly that they will do irrational and disproportion things to obtain said drugs.
Mooca/moocah - marijuana Moon - mescaline Moonrock pdf resizer for windows 7 - crack and heroin Mooster - marijuana Moota/mutah - marijuana Mooters - marijuana cigarette Mootie - marijuana Mootos - marijuana Mor a grifa - marijuana More - PCP Morf - morphine Morning wake-up - first blast of crack.(Panama Red) - marijuana P-dope - 20-30 pure heroin P-funk - heroin; crack and PCP Pack - heroin; marijuana Pack of rocks - marijuana cigarette Pakalolo - marijuana Pakistani black - marijuana Panama cut - marijuana Panama gold - marijuana Panama red - marijuana Panatella."dope fiend " does not mean a pothead.An active addict looking to score for free.A-bomb: combination of marijuana with heroin.The only time she comes around, is to dopefiend her way into the house for money and stuff to steal.Toklas - marijuana brownie.No nickel/diming stuff Poor man's pot - inhalant Pop - to inhale cocaine Poppers - isobutyl nitrite; amyl nitrite Poppy - heroin Pot - marijuana Pothead - someone who smokes pot (marijuana) Potato - LSD Potato chips - crack cut with benzocaine Potten bush.Weed is only called dope by those who have never done any drugs, and a fiend is someone hopelessly addicted to a substance so much that they would suck a strangers dick for.PCP Octane - PCP laced with gasoline Ogoy - heroin Oil - heroin, PCP Old Steve - heroin On a mission - searching for crack On a trip - under the influence of drugs On ice - in jail On the bricks - walking.

Booze: alcohol, brew: alcohol, burgers: ecstasy, butisol: butabarbital.
Alpha-ET - alpha-ethyltyptamine, ames - amyl nitrite, amidone - methadone.