I dare anyone to steal my answer again.
Just because the system is fat does NOT a pdf scan optimizer 1 mean it can play PS2 games.PAL systems only have one backwards compatible system, and that's the 60GB.Best Answer: Unfortunately the 40GB PS3 model is not backwards compatible with PS2 games because Sony did not include the PS2 graphics chip (the "emotion" chip, i think that's what its called) in the 40gb model, supposedly it wast to cut costs, hence the lower."If a playstation 3 is not backward compatible, you will not be able to add this function through any hardware (i.e., changing the hard disk drive) or software (i.e., updates, homebrew) upgrades or modifications.This is MY answer.I took the time to type this all.Backward compatibility for the PS3 with PS2 games is as follows on ntsc systems: 20GB (4 USB slots, fat, no longer in production) - YES 60GB (4 USB slots, fat, no longer in production) - YES 80GB with 4 USB slots (fat, no longer.If you buy a backwards compatible PS3 and want to know which of your PS2 games work, check this link: m/Support/Co.It will NOT make your PS3 play PS2 games!That'S 4 systems that ARE IN fact compatible with PS2 games!If BC was available, then manual de proteccion civil mexico people would have no need to buy a PS2, and would have just bought PS3's (for a loss when instead they can make them buy a PS3 (for a loss) AND a PS2 (for a profit).
And as you can see, there are 3 systems that are fat, but can NOT play PS2 games.
You would think it would make sense for Sony to make one available, but i wouldn't hold your breath.
Cod 2 black ops and NFS carbon.And by the way the ps3 must be a DEX (debug console) or a Retail Consle witch runs firmware.55 or below to then be converted from CEX (Retail Console) to DEX my ps3 its having problems is getting slow to rea some games.I downloaded the file when i open through ys its y reason's why?They patented a full Cell based software emulator in like 2008 or something.If it has 2 USB slots,.Downloading it to a non-backwards compatible PS3 will do nothing united eden eden trilogy book three but take up space on your hard drive!The download that others are referring to is for the PS3s that already are backwards compatible." that came directly from Sony's own website: m/cgi-bin/. Keep in mind the PS2 has sold like 6-9 million each year this gen, and was only discontinued a few months ago.I know their are ps2 emulators out their, but none that i know of that work on a PS3.

In short: if it has 4 USB slots, yes.