That's basically the story of the series, as Doc, Marty, and Doc's kids manhandle historical moments while Doc's wife Clara waits back home with sandwiches.
A comparison of the two versions can be found.
Couldn't the Doc make gasoline?We don't have enough road to get up." In the original film, he stops modifying the controls in the middle of that line.Wouldn't, when Marty gets to the age of 13 or 14, one of them think that something a bit odd was happening, in that they've managed to breed someone who looks exactly like the person who brought them together all those years ago?Marty raised his fist earlier in the original film.In the first version, Doc is quick electric manual ice cream maker to respond "No, you and Jennifer turn out fine!" In the second version, Doc thinks about it for a moment, presumably aware of how their life turned out after Marty's car accident.The point in 1955 they go back to is the only one where the Doc and Marty know exactly where the book will be, namely, at the point old Biff gives it to new Biff.Claudia Wells by, elisabeth Shue for the role of, jennifer Parker.
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Because if it was fundamentally tampered with or used, that'd make it either redundant of non-existent in 1955.Utterly, utterly love them.Back To The Future film, which ultimately saves his life when he's gunned down by the Libyans.So how does Doc handle this unfortunate attachment?Also the scene where all three are in the DeLorean has both Wells and Shue sharing the passenger seat with Marty, although Wells is a few inches taller in the car.Yet, surely older Jennifer would know that younger Jennifer was in the house?After opening the door, Marty's right hand goes down faster in the sequel.But they sure did get me thinking.That's the one that he stores in a cave for 70 years (although it's still damaged, to be fair, as the Doc sends instructions forward in time).Because even accepting that the Doc didn't want Marty to come back to 1885, by the time he's there, then - and granted, we're at risk of another paradox here - couldn't he just have left a message somewhere to be discovered in 1955 that.Back To The Future: The Animated Series played out like, rick And Morty episodes Adult Swim rejected for being too bleak.You'd certainly remember the person who played Johnny B Goode in such dramatic fashion at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.Does your head hurt yet?