1) what are the ieframe dll shlwapi dll resistor networks R10, R21 (M3NRE001S-vert) and R24 (divstat-10-100) - couldn't find anything on those.
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Simplified Valhalla schematics (with software mdac) working is very well.I hope you don't mind.R24 resembles something like caddock 1776?The vsense from the DAC military beret patch instructions is fed into the ADC for the digital feedback loop.2) it is described as Hamon, but where is the Hamon autocal action, that is series-parallel rewiring the upper leg of the divider?4) how good pacote de codecs para windows 7 is your autocal?I suppose that in 4W mode you just connect negative force and sense to the negative binding posts, no special care required.On August 13, 2017, 09:51:58.I see feeding the raw LM399 voltage into the ADC input front end to adjust for that, but is this going to take care of the reference scaling done by R10 and R24 (thus DAC calibration as well)?Now purely in software, no analog loops, you read that from the ADC and program the DAC accordingly to drive the X5-vout that goes to the second lead from the DMM, thus generating voltage across the DMM leads that the DMM converts into the resistance.
If I guess the operation correctly, you route one of the leads from the DMM to the X3-VIN input, while being grounded via the reference resistor (jumper wire on the photos that voltage drop across the reference resistor gets amplified by U22:A and resistors via.
I have few questions about this circuit.3) what is the purpose of zsense ADC input?The meter calibrator is a portable instrument requiring no permanent installation.Calibrators like the Fluke 5500A generate a variable resistance on its.Sadly there are no schematics /service manuals available for both.Model 1774 Digit Multimeter, Schematic Diagram, Dwg.Ches the input to VRlOl from bridge rectifier.