His eyepatch was dropped from the TV series so his personal sigil had to be adapted to reflect that, though it retains the ominous eye image.
Jon's statement in dialogue that Eastwatch-by-the-Sea is the closest castle to Hardhome in the east brings up a major plot hole which occurred in Season 5: after the Massacre at Hardhome, Jon and the surviving wildlings fled Hardhome by ship in episode.8.
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Instead, the TV version condensed this to have him now explain now that he simply went into exile because the Greyjoy Rebellion was crushed (which would mean that in Season 6, he hadn't been back to the Iron Islands for around 14 years).She does say the previous feast when she killed Walder was a fortnight ago, and she was disguised as a servant girl at the Twins for an unspecified amount of time before that: presumably she just asked around and investigated with the other castle servants.In the books, Arbor gold is broadly held to be the finest wine in all of Westeros, with a very sweet flavor.Apparently the difference being presented is that Samwell thought Stannis just meant dragonglass could be found on Dragonstone - not that it literally has an entire mountain made of dragonglass, possibly the largest deposit of dragonglass in the entire world (after the Fourteen Fires around.Starring cast members Carice van Houten ( Melisandre Indira Varma ( Ellaria Sand Alfie Allen ( Theon Greyjoy Jerome Flynn ( Bronn and Joe Dempsie ( Gendry ) are not credited and do not appear in this episode.One of the more prominent examples is that "Robert Arryn" was renamed to " Robin Arryn even though in the books he's directly named after King Robert Baratheon (though in both versions most people just call him by his nickname "Sweetrobin.You've broken promises to allies before and murdered them at the nearest opportunity.
Daenerys enters the empty throne room and gazes upon the throne of the Targaryens, hewn from volcanic rock.Gendry House Lannister now controls the throne now - within the show, Cersei isn't even bothering to use Baratheon heraldry anymore."Cable Ratings: Pawn Stars, American Pickers Top Night Eureka, Rizzoli, Alphas, Teen Wolf Much More".The simple answer appears to be that the TV writers forgot to account for this when they invented the entire battle sequence of Jon going to Hardhome - the mission to Hardhome happens off-screen in the books and doesn't involve Jon Snow.Gorman, Bill (August 30, 2011).Chapter 35, Jon VII: Jon intends to garrison the abandoned castles on the Wall with Free Folk.Also in terms of heraldry, House Baratheon of King's Landing died with Tommen, so King's Landing is no longer decorated with its heraldry, of a black Baratheon stag and a gold Lannister lion, combatant.We're surrounded by traitors.In her overt dialogue, she repeatedly tries to decline their offer to share their meal, because she contemplates killing them, and once she accepts their invitation - she will be forbidden of harming them due to the guest right (which she respects, in contrast to the Freys).The tradition-bound and stubborn Balon, who didn't have much of a sense of strategy - as seen when his entire plan for the War of the Five Kings was to betray both the Starks and the Lannisters then wait for events to sort themselves out.The Abandonment of Dragonstone See main article: " Abandonment of Dragonstone " This episode implies that Dragonstone has been abandoned since Stannis Baratheon left with his army for the Wall, at the end of Season 4, and states definitively that it was abandoned before Stannis'.Our children are dead.After the Red Wedding, most of the River-lords (who weren't at the massacre) beg to surrender now that the war is clearly lost: Joffrey foolishly wants to massacre them all, but Tywin waves him aside by saying, "When your enemies defy you, you must serve.This translation is mentioned in the novels, but Martin didn't come motherboard asus p5vd2-vm manual up with a High Valyrian word corresponding.Season 4 was made in two parts and two stand alone Christmas specials.

The throne room has also been redecorated so that the ironwork design above the throne has a Lannister lion replace the seven-pointed star symbol.
Douglas Fargo neil Grayston ) appeared in the August 3, 2010 episode.