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While it's easy to feel paralyzed by the thought of learning to design and program your own game, we asked quite a few indie devs for their advice and they all offered the same advice for beginners: just.
We talked to several developers who've made popular games in GameMaker, who shared their own experiences with the tool.
It's fun and relatively easyand doesn't really cost you much but time." Duncan Drummond, Risk of Rain Price and License: Beginner's package is free, 35/month for Unity Plus, 125/month for Unity Pro Best for: Pretty much everything indie Notable games: Ori and the Blind Forest.
Beginner's Advice "Don't forget to delete your work!PC, gamer writer Tom Francis described programming when he was making Gunpoint: "The most useful way I've found to think of it is this: Your game is fucking insane.Our fun and addicting computer games are enjoyed by people of all ages, casual and hardcore gamers alike.It has a large team of well known writers including Leigh Alexander, Emily Short and Cara Ellison.Paired with developer recommendations, hopefully this will serve as the push you need to get started.Lux SDK provided by Sillysoft.Strong User Base, lux has an active user community.He notes that young developers should be ".learning the best places to get support in the community and the best tricks to use for the engine to achieve what you wantusually by going to the community as a resource.".
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Unlimited Fun, lux comes with a free 30 game trial period.
Don't be afraid to ask for help, there are a lot of other people out there who have been where you are and can offer tips, or who are looking for projects themselves and might want to join you.