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(Ilia) Fixed bug #50410 (curl extension slows down PHP on Windows).
Apache2handler: Fix 2G Content-Length headers in apache2handler.GMP: Fixed bug #70284 (Use after free vulnerability in unserialize with GMP).Fixed bug #70002 (TS issues with temporary dir handling).Fixed bug #66820 (out-of-bounds memory access in fileinfo (CVE ).(CVE ) GD: Fixed bug #69479 (GD fails to build with newer libvpx).PDO_pgsql: Implemented FR #72633 (Postgres PDO lastInsertId should work without specifying a sequence).
Streams Fixed bug #61371 (stream_context_create causes memory leaks on use streams_socket_create).
Fixed bug #66660 (ar install/update fails).Version.6.4 Core: Fixed bug #68091 (Some Zend headers lack appropriate extern "C" blocks).Fixed issue #100 (No way to list the current stack/frames) (Help entry was missing).Fixed bug #69316 (Use-after-free in php_curl related to Date: Export date_get_immutable_ce so that it can be used by extensions.Karlnda özgürlüklerini feda ederler ve vergi öderler.(Stas) Fixed bug #52063 (DateTime constructor's second avg update problems 2013 argument doesn't have a null default value).Fixed bug #67413 (cdf_read_property_info insufficient boundary check).Openssl: Fixed bug #66942 (memory leak in openssl_seal.Fixed bug #71488 (Stack overflow manual calculadora hp 15c when decompressing tar archives).Fixed bug #66041 (list fails to unpack yielded ArrayAccess object).The double is now always rounded towards zero, the remainder of its division by 232 or 264 (depending on sizeof(long) is calculated and it's made signed assuming a two's complement representation Removed legacy features: Remove php_logo_guid php_egg_logo_guid php_real_logo_guid zend _logo_guid Drop catching fire audiobook no Windows XP and 2003.(CVE ) pcre: Fixed Bug #53823 (preg_replace: * qualifier on unicode replace garbles the string).Fixed bug #62524 (fopen follows redirects for non-3xx statuses).