It is a time to reflect on what it means to serve our country in good times and bad times.
That was my baptism of fire. .As it passed, one young boy leaned out the window and yelled Hey GI!Oszman, Michael., Texas,.The ceremony is being conducted inside the base theater and the entire squadron will be pacote de codecs para windows 7 there and shown on the big screen, will be the "Attacks On Tan Son Nhut DVD that Charles Penley provided for them and sells from his 377th SPS web page. .He explained that he had worn the same patch in as a young doctor at 3rd Field Hospital outside of Tan Son Nhut.US Army Vietnam - Camp Alpha Life Member Name: Dave Koopman, (460th Field Maintenance Squadron) Feb 22, 2009 Email: Comments: According to Wikipedia the free Encyclopedia at URL: Keith William Nolan succumbed to cancer on 19 February, 2009 at his home near.The confusion spread because the 6994th was located inside the 7AF complex, we were immediately across THE street from it!And, it's a great feeling to be back in the TSN fold, reading all these postings I can see that there is a great sense of love and caring for one another and I am honored to be a part of it!
I was there during TET 1968 and the "U.S.Chris Prewett Name: Gary Fields (377th Civil Engineer Squadron) Oct 24, 2009 Email: Comments: Thanks to all who made the Reunion a success.Wurster, Stephen., Florida, US Army Mortuary (Renewal) Name: Don Howard (377th Security Police Squadron) Oct 09, 2008 Email: Comments: Looking forward to the reunion in Pigeon Forge, please add Donald and Sheila Howard to your list. .Email: Comments: Well, last chance in this year to say a Happy and Safe New Year. ."To all my departed bretheren eternal thanks, blessings and prayers for protection of our troops standing in harm's way". .He turned to me and said simply, "usarv." I was stunned that he knew the patch. .Bob Laymon Name:.The USS Ward's.I commend you for a job well done.

I have not seen anything in articles that talks about the Vietnamese Officers club on TSN.
That experience has left a permanent mark in my memories. .
Beside them are medics, nurses, doctors, pilots and men and women who mirror themselves. .