Windows, Linux, Mac, 2 GB, Version.9, Released.
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Your support is much appreciated.Here is a solution that was provided by one of our customers that may work for you if you are also having difficulty with one of these computers.Sentinel Customer Community, search Downloads, back to Technical Support, featured Downloads.Hello, Thank you for your quick reply.When I check Windows 10 Apps features, I see Sentinel but I also I see a hasp Device Driver, too.Description, version, product, operating system, sIZE, released.User Category, product AllSentinel hasphasp hlhasp4Sentinel rmssentinel emsshksentinel SuperProSentinel UltraProSentinel CloudHardlockSmartkeySentinel LDK.My attempt to update the device driver fails, too.Am I missing a step or have not done the installation correctly.
The problem that I have seen is interference from a program called "Nahimic" that is usually bundled with MSI owners manual chevy cavalier 2005 laptops, and is usually set to run on startup.Hopefully this info will help you to provide this solution to clients when they approach you regarding MSI laptops in the future.Language keyword, reset, number Of Results: Result(s) found: 104.If this program is turned off, WellSight will run normally with no problems.I installed the Sentinel Runtime (SafeNet Inc.) from the link you provided.However the icon info has a text saying Unavailable.Sentinel LDK SDK - Entitlement Management System, Envelope, Toolbox, APIs, etc.Also when I check Windows 10 Device Manager I see USB UltraPro that has no Device Driver.

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MSI laptops will run WellSight programs just fine with a small amount of configuration, and I wanted to inform you of this solution so that you can pass it along when requested.