WW1 Era Royal Army Medical Corps Sweetheart Badge.
WW1 Medal Pair to Sapper Read Royal Engineers.
Pair of 1920s Photos the catching fire audiobook no Flight of the Atlantier Seaplane.
Pair of WW2 RAF Chief Technician Rank Cloth Patches A good unused pair of cloth patches for an RAF chief technician, they have not been used and measure.5 inches in diameter.A rare lot to a truly remarkable woman who dedicated her life to the care of the sick and later to children, tending the sick and wounded during the great war to an extent that was noticed, to win her the arrc while serving.The details of Scillin's loss and the circumstances of the death of the Allied POWs were kept secret for more than 50 years.Wood grip with original SA rune and eagle, pommel and cross guard, which is stamped NS for the region of Niedersachsen.Messages were sent in Morse code, one man operating the signalling device and one man using a telescope (where distances were great) to read the message sent back.So he probably served with the RAF special dutys section in West Africa.Used by military telegraph and radio operators.The medal are in very good condition, there is some contact marks to the rims of the medals, so John mounted and worn these medals on occasions.The second one has, Egypt united gundam wing battle assault 2 iso services V Palestine united services.The hilt has a typical stirrup or D shape brass guard of the period with half oval lagnet, a scrolled quillion and a solid iron grip.
Interesting WW1 era Photo German Military Police.
Boer War Period Lead Soldiers Scottish Regiment Here are a set of ten, most likely Brittains lead soldiers, they have been base painted in cream and have been part painted on the kilts and legs they are a Scottish regiment, they came from a diarama.
I have always assumed it will be on the back.The condition is very good overall, the blade has several very small nicks which has lost the blades fine edge, also the very tip of the blade is missing, but due to the side and length of this blade, it can be easily re-profiled.A23 WW1 MM Pair to Cooke Signaller Royal Engineers.There are photos and menus for thanksgiving dinners and much more.This is a wonderful example, fur covered with a red wool felt flap or bag on the side.Measuring.75 inches long the piece comes in very good condition just requiring a clean.The Hamburg version followed on September 10 and the Bremen version on September.A true pair of mark III basic avg update problems 2013 ammo pouches, these post war pouches are slightly longer than the mark I or II so they could hold 5 x 32-round sten Machine Carbine Magazines.A Swiss 1914 long saw back bayonet made for the 1911 Schmidt-Rubin carbine rifle.